Posted December 20, 2015


Willow Tree Community is currently a seed group of L’Arche, meaning we have been officially recognized and supported by our region in our efforts to become a project of L’Arche.   Project status is granted at the National level and indicates that our group has adequately aligned itself with the identity and mission of L'Arche and that we are prepared to assume the rights and responsibilities of membership in the L'Arche Federation of communities.  Our assistants and core members will then be able to participate in L’Arche retreats and educational programs.

More information about L'Arche is available here.

Update on L'Arche Affiliation         21 June 2018

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Posted June 21, 2018


Willow Tree Community Inc. changed its legal name to L'Arche Fredericton Inc. in early 2018.   L'Arche Fredericton Inc. has initiated a Willow Tree Community Hub as a centre for community building in the L'Arche spirit.   Read more about this in the most recent President's report and newsletter ...

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