L'Arche Fredericton and Willow Tree Community continue to look for volunteers for our committee work and hub gatherings.  We welcome contributions from people with and without intellectual disabilities.  Check out the list below to see which committee best matches your talents and interests.


Community Engagement


If you enjoy planning events and meeting new people, this is the

committee for you.  This team plans the monthly gatherings and meets

with other community groups to learn about their goals and projects.




Government Liaison


Currently this committee is focused on compiling information on relevant

government departments and learning about their priorities.  We are also

researching potential federal, provincial and municipal funding sources

for general housing and support for people with disabilities.




Fundraising Committee



This committee is focusing on liaisons with other L'Arche communities in the

Atlantic region in order to clarify our projected operating expenses. They will also

be putting together a fundraising package outlining our needs for potential donors.



Spiritual Life


This committee is responsible for planing and leading prayer at community gatherings and preparing devotional material for WTC publications.


Public relations


This is the committee that prepares the newsletters and maintains the website. It also co-ordinates with other committees to create audiovisual material for community presentations.

Ways to Support - Volunteering

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